Organs of The CPSO – CPSO
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Organs of The CPSO

The CPSO is comprised of Four Principal Organs.

The General Membership – The General Membership will be the highest decision-making organ of the CPSO. It will be made up of all Members from the various membership categories of the Organisation. All Members will be entitled to participate in the deliberations of the General Membership. All Members, shall not, however, be entitled to vote.

The Council – The Council will be elected from among the General Membership to give strategic direction to the Organisation. The Council shall have twenty-three members with the following configuration:

  • Geographic RepresentationEight members elected to ensure the widest geographic representation, with one each from Barbados, Belize, Guyana, Jamaica, the OECS, Haiti, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago. These members will be nominated by national caucuses;
  • Category INine drawn from Category I Members;
  • Category II Two drawn from Category II Members;
  • Category III Two drawn from Category III Members;
  • Category IV Two drawn from Category IV Members.

The Executive Committee of the Council – The Executive Committee of the Council is drawn from Members of the Council. The Executive Committee of the Council is comprised of [nine] persons who provide operational oversight of the CPSO. The composition of the Executive Committee of the Council is:

  • Category I – Five members (of which at least one must have substantial interests in the Less Developed Countries (LDCs)
  • Category II – Two members
  • Category III – One member
  • Category IV – One member

The Technical Secretariat –The Technical Secretariat is focus exclusively on the technical work to advance the objectives of the CPSO. The Technical Secretariat is headed by a Technical Director and an appropriate number of technical experts.